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Monuments of Manhattan

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Quick install

  1. Make sure your phone or tablet has Android 2.3 or higher (for performance that will not test your patience, Android 4.1 or higher); at least 8 GB of internal storage; and at least 1GB of RAM. (details)
  2. Install the Amazon AppStore app
  3. Open the AppStore and enter "Guides Who Know" (details)
  4. Select, download and install the videoguide (settings, etc.)
  5. Enjoy!

Installation requirements

  • Operating system: Optimal performance is with Android 4.1 or higher. Because we want more of you to buy and enjoy Guides Who Know™ videoguides, we temporarily offer partial support for some legacy Android 2.3 and 4.0 cellphones and tablets. (Patience required!)
  • Internal memory: To install the complete videoguide, you may need as much as 3 GB of empty ("free") space in internal storage. This requires a total internal storage capacity of not less than 4GB. You may be able to install the videoguide on less, but we don't recommend it, and sometimes it won't work.

Download the videoguide

Your first Guides Who Know videoguide may be the largest app that you’ve ever installed on your mobile device. When you are ready to download, make sure that you have a good WiFi (not cellular or mobile!) Internet connection.

  • Install the app for the Amazon AppStore, if necessary.
  • Download the app from Amazon by searching "Guides Who Know." Currently only the Preview is available.

Note: The download will take some time. You may want to start it while you are doing something else.

Install the videoguide

  • On some devices, the videoguide will install automatically once the download is complete.
  • If the videoguide does not install automatically, your device may ask you how to install it. Choose the Android Package Installer.
  • If the videoguide is not installed automatically after the download completes, and your device does not ask how you want to install it, then find the downloaded file in your device's "Downloads" folder (it should be at the top of the list) and touch the file to start the installation.

Grab your headphones or earphones

Our videoguide has superb quality Dolby sound. For best results, use headphones or earphones rather than your device's speaker. Guides Who Know™ videoguides are tested with Sony MDR-W08 mini-headphones, but any good headphones or earphones will work.

Control the volume for the app the same way you'd control volume on a phone call or a music player.

Start the videoguide

Once the videoguide is installed, start it from Home -> Applications. Or, for easy access, copy the icon to your Home screen.

You can run the video segments of the videoguide without Internet access. To sort the monuments near-to-far or get directions to a monument, see the next section.

Location settings and directions

To have your device find the sculptures:

  • Make sure you have Internet access through a cellular or wireless network.
  • Go to Settings -> Location Services, and turn on all available services, including GPS.

Location settings pic

The "Near to Far" button puts the monuments nearest to you are at the top of the list. "North to South" sorts them geographically.

The "Rescan" button tells the videoguide to re-check your GPS location and to recalculate the near-to-far order.

Directions buttons

A few monuments are tricky to access: the Vanderbilt monument, for example, is not at street level (as the HopStop directions imply). To get directions for reaching such monuments, click the "More" button.

To return to the Guides Who Know™ videoguide interface after using the Map or Directions buttons, click the "Back" button on your device.

Art and History buttons

Art & history choices

The Art and History buttons run videos. The first time you open Monuments of Manhattan, your device will ask which media player you want to use to run them. Select the best media player that you have on your phone. (We recomend MX Player Pro. For more on this, see below.)

  • Check "Always" to use this media player automatically when you open Monuments of Manhattan.
  • To return to the Guides Who Know™ videoguide interface, click the "Back" button on your device.
  • Display settings: We recommend keeping the default display settings of your media player. To return to the default settings, choose "Automatic" or to "Fit Screen" - never "Stretch"!

"More" button

More information

To offer additional fascinating facts about the monuments, the "More" button opens the web browser (such as Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox) on your device and takes you to the Forgottten Delights website.

  • You must have Internet access (wireless or cell) to view these pages.
  • To return from the web browser to the Guides Who Know™ videoguide interface, click the "Back" button on your device.

Optional media players

Our videos run on Ciné!Brīo™ technology, which is like a camera that works with any compatible lens - even one that did not exist when the camera was manufactured. If you are not satisfied with playback through the factory-provided player of your device, your Guides Who Know™ videoguide will work with any standard MP4 player.


Neither Guides Who Know™ nor Ciné!Brīo™ Technologies is responsible for the consequences of using any of our videoguides, nor of using or of attempting to install any of the mobile apps recommended above.

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